Here at Express Coaching Services Ltd., our school sport and PE programmes are specifically designed to encourage and enable an increase in knowledge and participation within physical activity and to raise the profile of school sport and PE. We aim to provide children with a broader range of experiences in a variety of sports and physical activities and help them learn the many benefits of exercise and how it can aid in their everyday lives.










As part of their development, we also strive to give children an increased number of opportunities to participate within competitive sport, internally, externally and nationally.

Working in line with the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) regulations, all our coaches are equipped with our own up to date paperwork, including schemes of work, lesson plans, individual student assessments, classroom activities if required, risk assessments, pre-session checklists, accident report forms (bump notes), and incident report forms. We also work in line with what ever behaviour policies our customers require.


As well as planning and delivering sports and PE in and around school, ECS Ltd. can also provide everything you need behind the scenes, staff training, PPA cover, assemblies, award ceremonies, sports ambassador training, storeroom organisation,  equipment maintenance, notice boards, etc.

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