Glow in the Dark sports and games is fast becoming a very large sort after activity just recently. It gives you all the fun, fitness and competitiveness of regular sports and games, with the added bonus of something completely new age and exciting, creating an whole new challenge for participants where new sets of skills are needed. Schools, clubs, and governing bodies from all over the country are getting into this new thrilling trend.          

Express Coaching Services Ltd. are proud to be on top the game and keeping up with this exhilarating pastime,  with all the equipment you could possibly need to take part. The equipment to black out windows and light, the ultraviolet lighting, the fluorescent coloured vests, to glow in the dark paint and tape. As well as glow in the dark basketballs and basketball nets, glow in the dark footballs, glow in the dark dodge balls, glow in the dark badminton sets, and many many more. So in terms of what sports are available to be turned into a glow in the dark event, the sky truly is the limit and the options are endless.

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